Why I joined Dolr: Ash A.

Why I joined Dolr: Ash A.

I joined Dolr because it was a great opportunity to collaborate with peers I share interests and commonalities with and for the opportunity to solve real world problems and cause an impact.

I truly enjoy the small team dynamic of  forward thinkers, tinkerers, and problem solvers from different fields with great ambitions and who truly believe in the Company values .  This was a perfect fit for me!

I feel true to and strongly about the core values on which Dolr was founded.

We have no negativity, absolutely none of that!

I have always been surrounded by close family members and friends who have this burden of student debt lingering over them. This has always indirectly had an effect on me. I care about them and I care about helping them.

I was fortunate to not have any student debt, however, this has recently changed. I now share this responsibility/burden with my spouse. So here I am directly impacted! Now my drive to tackle this issue is even stronger :)

The Team at Dolr is amazing!

We gel well

Through numerous company cultural efforts we have worked on getting to know each member of the team really well.  Diving into each of our strengths, weaknesses, habits, and preferences so we can better understand each other and help one another to achieve better results. We knew each other well before we joined forces at Dolr, and through these exercises we now understand one another.  

We love what we do

  1. We like helping each other and others as much as we can.
  2. We care about our teammates and their well beings, we find it super important and mandatory to have weekly well-being checks just to make sure "we good"
  3. We like to be creative
  4. We like to tackle challenges of any size or shape
  5. We like to communicate. Our Slack channels are always busy, to say the least
  6. We love feedback! That is our driver to improve things and do better
  7. We love learning!

The list goes on, although this sums up the most relevant things.

We are here because

NoetherRudin was founded on these core beliefs:

  1. Learning is the most valuable thing in life
  2. Everyone is better off when there are lower financial barriers to education
  3. Everyone has the right to financial freedom

I truly stand by these, and this resonates throughout the whole team. This is primarily the reason we are here, doing the right thing, and trying to help.

The Challenges

Needless to say, we have our hands full of challenges. We are continuously working diligently trying to tackle them to achieve our end goal. This is what makes it all worthwhile.

"Believe me, the reward is not so great without the struggle" - Wilma Rudolph

On a personal level,  I struggled in the beginning to get in the rythm of things while working a full time job. I managed to persevere, through, with the support of an incredible team.

Challenges are numerous, we could probably  have a separate post for those (coming soon...)  The main takeaway is we have the ability and resourcefulness to deal with them in the rightful manner.

The Hunger

Hunger to learn, that is!

Since the day I joined Dolr I have been a journey of non-stop learning. Learning new things daily with the purpose of self-improvement so I can be better suited to help others.  

This is true across the team. We learn from each other, from professionals in industry, family and friends, and all the other resources available to us and this is essential. Always looking at new and improved ways of doing things and improving our work ecosystem. New tools to enable us to do better.

It’s been an extremely gratifying journey so far, and has been humbling to see some of the initial feedback we’ve received. Not all positive but that’s a good thing, and it will only make us strive to be better!

There is much more to come. Stay tuned!


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