Employees Don’t Want to Lose Their Student Loan Benefits — and Neither Do Employers

Employees Don’t Want to Lose Their Student Loan Benefits — and Neither Do Employers

One of the best parts of being on the Dolr team is getting to connect with and learn from our customers and our members. They are some seriously awesome people, and we never get tired of hearing their feedback.

In a recent survey, we asked Dolr members how they would feel about no longer having access to their student loan benefits. And we asked employers who offer the benefit how they would feel about no longer being able to provide it. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to participate.

We can’t say we were surprised by the responses (after all, we know how awesome student loan benefits are). But we will admit to being delighted by how much our members and customers value this product.

100% of Dolr members receiving student loan benefits from their employer would be disappointed to lose them.

And not just because the money is helpful for paying down their loans — it is. But it’s also about what the money means.

Many members responded that their student loan benefits are an indication that their employer cares about them, values the education they acquired to do their job and wants to support their financial well-being.

Maybe you’re thinking so what? Of course employees don’t want to lose a financial benefit.

Well guess what. Neither do their employers.

95% of employers offering the Dolr benefit would be disappointed if they couldn’t offer it anymore.

Employers appreciate the ability to offer their employees a valuable benefit that’s easy to administer. Plus, offering Dolr gives them an edge in a competitive talent market. And, most importantly, they couldn't be happier with the feedback and appreciation they're getting from their teams.

If you’re looking for a true win-win, it’s clear Dolr student loan benefits fit the bill.

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